Are you selling your Property?

When people first decide to sell their property, their first thought is I need a Real Estate Agent to get things moving. Many sellers do forget about the arrangements that need to be made regarding their Mortgage.

When you are thinking of selling your property it is good to ask yourself;

·        Do you have a mortgage on this property?

·        Is the mortgage over more than one property?

·        If multiple properties are effected, would you like to pay out the whole mortgage or just enough to release the property you are selling?

·        Would you like the bank to collect all your sale proceeds or would you like these spread between different bank accounts?

·        Is there a mortgage on the property but you have no loan? What do you do?

GPS Property Settlements can help you through all of the above to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Please contact one of our Settlement Specialists on (08) 9300 2116 or via email at for more information.